David Corke

'Waterhole Dawn by David CORKE

Date:04 Feb, 2015


Artist:David Corke

David Corke

The featured image above is “Waterhole Dawn”‘.

I always wanted to be an artist, but was told as a teenager that there was no future in it. Then I was given a Kodak Box-Brownie camera at the age of 10, and promptly became hooked on photography. Nevertheless, I kept on painting in oils, as an amateur, for many years, and sold pictures regularly at several of the old Herald Outdoor Art Show events during the 1950’s and 60’s in Melbourne.

I began my working life as a photo-lab apprentice in an academic institution, learning all about black and white photography in the days of silver-gelatine printing and chemical formulas. I then went on to work in a film-production  unit, making programs on scientific research, before moving on to make educational films for use in schools.

Now, in retirement I have gone back to my early interests, but with a modern twist – combining analogue and digital photographs with computer editing, to produce gallery-prints from the monochrome and colour photographs I’ve collected in my travels throughout Australia.

I like to ”blur” much of the detail  in my computer edited prints in order to concentrate attention to the lighting  and composition of the image, but then people will say “that is not a photograph”. So, what is a ”Photograph” and what is “Art”?  I like to quote from Artist/photographer, Ken Rockwell “Photography and painting are the same. Each renders imagination in tangible form. It all comes


Cattle Yards – Photograph by David Corke

down to the same thing-the ability to envision a final result in your minds eye’, and then make it so with your tools at hand….art is the message, not the medium”. (KenRockwell.com).


My prints mainly depict wildlife, landscapes and rural history, but I also enjoy restoring old photographs. I now live in a forest studio near Broadford, where I am surrounded by native woodland with its many inhabitants as subjects for my camera.