Jill Mattei

Pastel by Jill Mattei

Date:22 Jan, 2015

Skills:painting, drawing, leadlight

Artist:Jill Mattei


Jill Mattei

I was fortunate to grow up in New Zealand on a large farming property where I was given my first pony when I was 4 years old. From a very early age, my love of horses, animals in general, and beautiful scenery became established in my life.

I do not consider myself as an “artist”, but rather as someone who has always enjoyed drawing, particularly animals and had enjoyed the occasional art lessons that were provided at High School.

Working and children meant not much time was available to paint and draw for many years. That had to wait until I retired and had time on my hands.

I enjoy the lessons and demonstrations that the Kilmore Art Society organize and have learnt a lot from them and also from watching other artists at work. I take my camera with me everywhere I go, take lots of photos of the things that appeal to me and paint or draw.

I paint and draw because I enjoy it, and it is a bonus if I sell something.  Because I have always been involved with animals, particularly horses, I seem to have acquired an innate understanding of the physiology of animals which enables me to accurately depict animals in a lifelike way.

leadlight eagle

leadlight eagle
lord of the sky

Another hobby I have is to make leadlight (stained glass) items such as mirrors, door panels and feature windows. This is more time consuming than painting and drawing and considerably more expensive, but gives a great deal of pleasure in seeing the finished product. In my mind, the two hobbies are just different forms of art.





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